10 Tips to Get More Traffic to Your Blog Posts

You’ve heard me say it before, blogging is the single most effective way to drive traffic to your website.  Here are a few ways to better optimize your blog post so it gets the most possible traffic.

  1. Write compelling headlines with good keywords.  When crafting your blog titles, try to include keywords or phrases that you want to rank well.  Incorporate those keywords into the URL of the post.
  2. Share blog links on Facebook.  Once you make a post, share it on Facebook for your friends, family and acquaintances to see.
  3. Tweet it.  Pull interesting phrases, stats or quotes from your blog post and update your Twitter feed.  Post these throughout the week with links back to the full blog post.  Make sure to use good #hashtags.
  4. Post to LinkedIn Groups.  Post your blog in relevant LinkedIn Groups for y our target audience to see.
  5. Use email marketing.  If you have an email marketing list, put together a weekly or monthly newsletter with links to your most recent blog posts.
  6. Search engine optimize each post.  Use custom page titles, descriptions and tags that are full of good keywords.  This will help drive more traffic from search engines (if you’re not sure how to do this just call).
  7. Include social share buttons.   Make it easy for people to share your content by including social share buttons at the bottom of every post.  WordPress has some wonderful plugins to automate this.
  8. Highlight blog posts throughout your site.  Use your blog’s RSS feed to include content on your homepage or in sidebars on your site.  This will help make it more visible and attract more traffic.
  9. Include links to other blog posts.  A great way to keep people on your site longer and include page views is to add links to relevant blog past blog posts. You can do this in the body of the blog or add a section at the end.
  10. Use images and add to Pinterest.  Images add a very nice touch to blogs.  If the image is relevant and has some value, add it to Pinterest.

Looking for more ways to drive traffic to your blog or website?
At SilverRank, we offer outsourced blog writing services, blog setup and design, and social media marketing services for small businesses.  We would be happy to share tips, advice and best practices we use to help other small businesses sell more.  Contact us today!

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