SEO Tips: Inbound Links, Outbound Links and Intersite Links

MMMM links!

In this part of our series on search engine optimization (SEO), we’ll talk about the different kinds of “links”.

Not All Links Are Created Equally

There are three types of links on websites and they all carry different weight when it comes to SEO.  Here’s a breakdown:

  1. Outbound links.  
    These are links that point away from your website.  If you’re linking to another website, an outside website, this is deemed an outbound link.  For example, we just completed a new website for one of Buffalo’s Top Electricians <– this is an outbound link.

    When using outbound links on your website we suggest opening the link in a new window.  This helps to keep website visitors from completely abandoning your website.

    With outbound links, the site you are linking to ends up receiving some level of SEO benefit.  When Google ranks websites, it’s kind of like a popularity contest.  The more reputable websites that link to a website, it is deemed more popular and therefore has a better chance of ranking well.   Filling your website with links to other websites does not provide any SEO value to you.  Instead, you want to focus on building inbound links, which brings us to…

  2. Inbound links.
    An inbound link is a website out there that links back to your site.  As described above, the more websites that link to your website, the better chance you have of ranking well in the eyes of search engines.  A key part of SEO strategy is building more inbound links back to your website.  So how can you do that?  Here are a few ideas:
    – Make sure any associations you belong to link back to your website.
    – Join local Chambers of Commerce and ensure your website is linked to from their site.
    – Create great content that people want to share
    – Create a Google Places page
    – Write a column for your local paper or online news outlet
    – Trade links with other vendors/industry partners — you link to their site in exchange for a link to yours
    – Create an Infographic that people want to distribute
  3. Intersite links.
    Intersite links are links within your own website that link to other pages within your own website.  For example, as a leading Buffalo SEO company (<–intersite link) we link to other pages in our own site that relate to the topic we’re writing about.  When discussing SEO services for small businesses, we want to make sure that people have easy access to the page on our site that details those services.  This linking strategy adds some SEO value if you link to the page using keywords, instead of a generic phrase like “Click here”.  Think about what words you want to rank well for and use those as the text for your link like we’ve done above.  

Now that you know about the three different types of links start building your link strategy and see your SEO results improve!  And if you need some help just let us know!


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