Facebook Ads: Sponsored Stories vs. Promoted Posts

Facebook offers several different advertising options to help you target a specific audience and generate new business.  In this post, we’ll explain the difference between Sponsored Stories and Promoted Posts.

Promoted Posts

Not every post you make your Facebook page is seen by your “Likes”.  Facebook uses an algorithm to decide which posts they will show.  The more people who interact with your content on a consistent basis, the more likely your posts will show up in people’s news feeds.  With that said, Promoted Posts let you add a budget to one of your new or existing posts so that more people who like your Page and their friends see your message.  Showing your posts to more people in desktop and mobile news feed will encourage likes, comments and shares.

Promoted posts are great if you’re looking to promote a new service, product offering, or other important announcement.  They allow you to reach a much larger audience, encourage more interaction, and build more “Likes”.

Sponsored Stories

With Promoted Posts you’re targeting mainly existing fans of your page.  With sponsored stories on the other hand, you can use Facebook Ad’s targeting and interest categories to market to people that don’t already like your page.  However, unlike promoted posts that display right in the news feed, sponsored stories are displayed in the right hand sidebar with other ads.

Sponsored Stories are best used when you’re trying to build your fan base and reach people that don’t already like your page.

So which option is best for you?

This really depends on your goals and who you are looking to target.  However, we have seen that promoted posts typically result in higher click through rates and the average cost per click is lower.  But, this is only true is you have a good existing sized following.  If you don’t have a large following already then you may need to first start with sponsored stories.

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