Google Analytics – What Stats Small Businesses Should Pay Attention To

How much traffic does your website get each month and what’s the biggest traffic source?  If you don’t know or you can’t get an answer in 5 minutes, shame on you!

Analytics are important no matter what size the business.  But they are extremely important for small business.  As a small business you need to be careful with every marketing dollar spent.  You need to eliminate low return activities and invest in better performing marketing tactics.

But without data, how can you make smart decisions about your marketing dollars?

So before you read any further, make sure you have some form of web tracking enabled on your site (I suggest Google Analytics).

Once you have tracking installed, here are the key statistics I would pay attention to:

  1. Traffic trends over time.  Compare the past month’s traffic to the same time last year.  Have you increased or decreased?  If you haven’t increased, look closer to find out why.  You may need to invest in search engine optimization to ensure you get good traffic from search engines.
  2. Top destination pages.  Look at the pages on your site that are the most popular.  By default, your homepage should be first on the list.  But dig deeper to determine what other pages get the most traffic.
  3. Top exit pages.  In Google Analytics you can determine what page someone exited your website on.  If people are leaving on key pages without taking action, you need to update those pages!  Add stronger calls to action and make it easier for people to respond to you.
  4. Where is your traffic coming from?  Search engines, other websites, social media sites?  This will help determine where your other marketing efforts are paying off or lagging.  And if you want more search engine traffic contact us for a few free tips.
  5. Time on site.  Examine how long people stay on your site.  If you find it’s under a minute and a half, you need to provide more value and create more “sticky” content.

Once you have a better understanding of these key statistics, you’ll be able to more informed decisions about how to allocate your marketing budget.  And if you have questions or would like to a benchmark to compare your stats to, contact us today.



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