Google Remarketing for Small Businesses in Buffalo

When developing your marketing and sales strategy, you’ve undoubtedly detailed who your target audience is.  You’ve defined how your plan to reach that audience.  You’ve determined your message.

So what happens if that prospect doesn’t buy right away?  So you simply continue down the same path with the hopes that at some point they will buy?  Maybe.  And at some point those people might buy.

But a better approach is using data about that person to make your marketing and sales messages more focused and personalized.  It sounds difficult but it really isn’t with a Google Remarketing ad campaign.  Here is an interesting video from Google to introduce you to remarketing:

Target Ad Messages Based on Your Prospects Actions

The best part of remarketing is that you can created very targeted and focused campaigns.  Many local businesses sell a variety of products or services.  This type of campaign allows you to start displaying ads for people that visited specific pages within your website.  So, if you’re an insurance company you can begin showing ads promoting your personal umbrella policies to people who visited your website and looked at information pertaining to umbrella policies.

Put simply, more targeted marketing leads to more sales!

SilverRank Remarketing for Buffalo Businesses

At SilverRank, we help companies setup and manage highly effective Google Adwords and remarketing campaigns.  And the cost is surprisingly affordable with packages starting as little as $50/month.  Want a custom quote for your business?  Simply complete the short form below and we’ll get right back to you:

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