Installing and Using Google Webmaster Tools

Looking to improve your Google ranking?

Then installing Google Webmaster Tools is a must! ¬†Google Webmaster Tools gives you access to detailed reports about your website’s presence on Google.

How do I add Google Webmaster Tolls to my website?

It’s a simple two step process:

  1. Sign-up for webmaster tools here.
  2. Add code to your site verify.
Once Google Webmaster Tools is installed and verified on your site, you’ll be able to:
  • Determine how Google sees your website
    – What pages is Google indexing (and what pages is Google missing)
    – How often Google bots crawl your site
  • Pinpoint coding issues on your website
    – Google will alert you to issues it’s bots have found
    – The reports will also show any broken links on your site
  • See incoming links and search queries
    – Find out what other sites out there are linking to you
    – See the most popular keyword terms and phrases driving traffic to your site
    – See the terms that Google feels your site relates to
  • Submit your site to Google for further indexing
    – If you find Google may be missing pages on your site, you can submit those
    – You can upload an XML sitemap to ensure a more complete crawl
  • Control search results
    – Control rich snippets that provide links right in search results to other pages in your website
    – Tell Google to stop indexing and displaying certain pages in your site
Want to know more about Google Webmaster Tools?
At SilverRank, our SEO Consultants in Buffalo will help you install Google Webmaster Tools and Analytics on your site, train you on how to read and evaluate the data, and then put together a SEO content strategy to increase traffic and sales.

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