How to Instantly Drive More Traffic to Your Website

Many small business owners know the importance of having a social media presence.  So they go ahead and set up a Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+ Account.  But then what?  To be successful online, you need to not only build a following, but also entice people to interact with you.  In other words, give ‘em a reason to come back for more!  One way to accomplish this is through social content sharing.

When done correctly, social content sharing can be a major factor in driving traffic back to your website via the social networks.  And it’s often a big opportunity that small companies miss out on.

What is content sharing?

Content sharing is starting conversations and not hard selling people.  It helps position your firm as a trusted resource and expert in your field.
Here are some ideas to share your content socially and drive more traffic to your website:

  • Post bits from your blog to Twitter, LinkedIn groups that you belong to as well as Facebook.
  • Post fun and interesting comments and questions on your Google+ and Facebook pages.
  • Use LinkedIn’s Answer Search function to find questions related to your industry and then offer your advice.

If taking on social media has been a challenge for you, contact SilverRank today.  Our team of social media gurus can help you win more business from your website.

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