Marketing Budgets in 2013 – Where Top Marketers Are Spending Money

The country’s top companies have developed their marketing plans for 2013.  Sales are forecast and budgets have been allocated.  So where are they planning to invest?  I’m glad you asked…

Online marketing initiatives rule the roost:

  • Email Marketing
    Email marketing spending is increasing over 55%.  Surprised?  I’m not.  While the frequency of email is increasing and people spend less time looking at each email, it still remains the single most cost-effective way to reach your target market.  The key is to make sure that what you produce meets their needs, offers value and captures attention.  If you miss the mark on one or two mailers, recipients will opt-out.  So, even though it’s something you can do yourself through Constant Contact, we suggest getting a little professional help with messaging, delivery and increasing conversions.  Investing a few extra dollars could increase ROI tenfold.  It’s not a cost, it’s an investment.
  • Social Media
    Social media again makes the list and more and more companies understand that social media is now a cost of doing business.  What do you think your clients/customers would think if you didn’t have a website?  Well, that’s the same thing they think if you don’t have a social media presence. The key is to make sure your graphics are professional and inviting, and keep your page current.  Posting once a month just doesn’t cut it!
  • Mobile
    Next time you’re at the mall or waiting in line at the grocery store, look around.  How many people have their heads buried in their smart phone? Mobile usage is through the roof and continues to climb.  If your website doesn’t provide a good experience on a mobile device, fix it!

Need help?

At SilverRank, we specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses create a strong online marketing presence.  We would be happy to help evaluate your existing website, social media accounts and email marketing campaigns–for free.  Just contact us today!


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