Stop Selling to Everyone

Have you ever walked down the street in NYC (or on Chippewa for that matter) and saw huge lines of people just waiting to get into a club?  What’s interesting is that oftentimes the club isn’t even full, in fact there is an abundance of space for more people, but the doorman still makes people wait.

Why would they do that instead of letting patrons in so they can start spending money on overpriced drinks?  Well, that long line creates interest and intrigue.  It gives the perception that whatever is inside, must be worth the wait if people are in line.  It creates the feeling of exclusivity that we all crave!  People genuinely “want” to wait in line just to get in.

Do you want to be wanted?

Of course, we all do.  But in many cases, businesses try to be everything to everyone because they don’t want to turn away business.  In reality, if you became a specialist and turned people away, your service would become more sought after by your actual target client.  And, you would be able to focus more on providing a better product or service to that ideal client–instead of being distracted by all the non-core activities you deal with when breaking outside of your specialty.

Take SilverRank for example.  We know that our specialty is in helping small and medium-sized businesses create great content, and build their website into a lead generating machine.  We have defined our core market, and built our service model around their needs.  We know that stepping outside of this would take us away from our core objective.

We even highlight that fact on our homepage:

If you’re looking for a high-priced agency to develop a 300-page website with e-commerce capabilities, we’re not your firm. But, if you’re looking for affordable marketing that works, you’re in the right place!

So, think about your businesses.  What do you do really well?  What don’t you enjoy doing?  Define those items and confirm there is a need (and void) in the market for the service/product you specialize in.  Then make sure you do it well and market yourself as an expert (we can help!).



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