Marketing Case Study: Healthcare Facility Doubles Patient Inquiries

The challenge:

A large healthcare facility serving the Western New York area came to SilverRank for help improving their online presence.  They had good name recognition in the area but were only getting clients through existing referrals and past relationships.  There was little new inbound traffic to their website.  They only received traffic from people searching for them by name.  Their competitors were getting the traffic from people searching for basic services like “drug rehab” and “mental health services”.

The solution:

SilverRank designed a new website and conducted in-depth keyword research.  We identified a set of search terms with high traffic and moderate competition which we used to optimize the website for search engines.  A blog is used to add new search engine friendly content on a weekly basis, adding new pages to the website that are optimized for specific search terms.  Finally, a Google Remarketing campaign was created to stay top-of-mind with past website visitors and increase the likelihood of converting new website visitors in the future.

The result:

The healthcare facility now ranks on page 1 of Google results for nearly all of the targeted search terms–in many cases the facility owns several of the top 10 listings.  Search engine traffic for key search terms has increased between 100% and 500% depending on the search term.  Overall site traffic has dramatically increased.  And most importantly, phone are ringing off the hook:

Just curious if anything changed with our website recently?  [Name] has
been getting over 40 voicemails per day this week and can’t handle the

Interested in learning more?

Whether you’re a health care facility looking to increase patient census, or a business looking to increase inbound leads, SilverRank can help.  Contact us today and we’ll provide a free marketing analysis and recommendations for driving more leads.

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