How Marijuana Can Make You a Better Marketer

Ask an avid pot head and they’ll tell you that smoking weed makes everything better.  I usually don’t buy into that theory but in the case of a Brazilian artist, I think that pot has made him a brilliant marketer!

Meet Fernando de la Rocque, a Brazilian artist that takes a different approach to his works of arts.  Instead of a camera or paintbrush, he turns to smoke.  But not just any smoke, marijuana smoke.  de la Rocque creates stencils of different images or famous works of art.  He then exhales several rounds of marijuana smoke through the stencil onto paper.   After several days, and several joints later, he ends up with a well sought after piece.

So how does this equate to good marketing?

  1. He has an avid market that he “gets”.
    He understands his target market–he’s one of them.
  2. He’s different.
    Through using a completely new approach to artwork he has created interest.  Instead of traditional tools, he’s using something new and interesting.
  3. He is charging a premium.
    Many of his works of art are going for $2,500 each–and he doesn’t seem to have any trouble finding buyers.
  4. He’s controversial.
    Marijuana is not legal in Brazil so there is some inherent, or at least perceived, “risk” in what he is doing.  Along with risk comes intrigue!
  5. He’s captured free publicity.
    Bloggers (like me) are talking about him.  Media outlets in Brazil have covered his works.  Even the AP has plastered stories across worldwide media outlets.

He certainly does give new meaning to the term “starving artist”…now where did I put those Cheetos???

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