Mobile Advertising on the Rise – But Still Cheap!

In the recent third quarter earnings call, Mark Zuckerburg tried to reassure investors that Facebook is just cracking the surface on mobile ads.

“I want to dispel this myth that Facebook can’t make money on mobile,” said Zuckerburg. “This might have seemed true earlier this year because we hadn’t started trying yet.”

With the release of Facebook’s first mobile ad program just a few months ago, mobile ad revenue already accounts for 14% of ad revenue for the social media giant.

Nearly half of Facebook’s more than 900 million users access the site via a mobile device.  And until this release, mobile was ad-free.  This change gives advertisers that chance to break into a new channel at a relatively low cost.  Mobile ads are still very cheap compared to traditional pay per click and print advertising.

The key is thinking through your strategy and testing a variety of ads and conversion landing pages to optimize conversion rates.

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