Need Help with Yelp?

Do you know what people are saying about your business on review sites like Yelp?  If not, you better start listening more!

Here is a quick crash course on Yelp:

  • Yelp was founded in 2004 to help people find great local businesses like restaurants, dentists, hair stylists and mechanics.
  • Yelp had an average of approximately 71 million monthly unique visitors in Q1 2012.
  • Yelpers have written over 27 million local reviews.
  • You can access Yelp via iPhoneAndroidBlackBerry, and more.

What a lot of business owners don’t realize is:

  • How influential and important Yelp reviews have become.
  • Every business owner (or manager) can setup a free account to post photos and message her customers.

That’s right, as a business you can have a say over your page.  You can post photos, correspond with customers.

So how should you use Yelp for your business?

  1. Search for your business.
    I would start by looking up your business to see if you have an current reviews.  If so, spend some time reading them.  Is it what you expected to see, or are you surprised?  Are the reviews overwhelmingly positive or negative?  Learn from these comments and see what you can do to further improve service for your clients.
  2. Search for your competitors.
    Look at other businesses in your sector and look at their reviews.  Examine which competitors have a wealth of reviews, and who might be missing.
  3. Add your business if it’s missing.
    If your company isn’t listed, add it!  Yelp includes a big link at the bottom of every search that allows you to Add a Business.
  4. Claim your listing.
    Take time to claim your listing and begin adding photos, comments, etc.

Have more questions?

If you have any questions on Yelp or other social review and networking sites just let us know!  Simply leave a comment below and we would be happy to share additional insight.  And if you’d rather schedule some time to chat one-to-one just let us know!


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