Why People Don’t Like You

Have you ever wondered why your Facebook fan base is shrinking?  Don’t know how to attract people in the first place?

A December 2012 survey by Performics offers some interesting insight:

Key Takeaways:

  1. Post content that is relevant to your audience.  Spend some time getting to know the people who have Liked your page.  Look at their interests and post content you feel they would appreciate.  Spend some time looking at your past posts to determine what received the most interest and build a content strategy that plays off of that.
  2. Don’t over do it!  If you post every hour, you may find you lose a Like every hour!  There is no magic number for frequency of posts–it depends on the content you’re sharing, your audience, your product or service, etc.  But for most businesses I would stick to no more than once per day.  If you find that all of your posts receive great feedback, likes, comments, etc. then consider upping frequency.
  3. Don’t try to fool people.  If your content promises the world and doesn’t deliver, you’ll lose Likes fast!  If you told people they would get access to special deals or coupons if they Liked your page, you better follow through.


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