Search Engine Optimization Specialists Turning to Social Media

A recent study from examined the top inbound marketing activities being used by some of the world’s top SEO experts.  Here’s what they found:

Some key takeaways:

Facebook page management a must.

It’s not enough to simply have a Facebook page.  People expect interaction, updates, etc.  Make sure you have a content plan and strategy in place before launching your page.

Google Plus is gaining ground.

Although it didn’t top the list, Google+ page setup and management is catching on.  SEO’s and Marketing leaders realize the impact that Google+ can have not only as a social media tool, but as a relevancy tool with search engine ranking implications.  That’s right, Google+ could impact your search results so you better jump on board quick.


If you’re not tracking key stats, you’re throwing away your money.  Analytics is the only item that is repeated on this list–that’s because it’s really important.   Make sure you look at your sites stats and then take action to improve your site.  The time and dollar expense will be paid back ten-fold!



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