Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is about driving the right traffic to your website.  We’ll help craft a strategic SEO plan using proven techniques:

Competitive Analysis

We’ll look at competition in your industry and highlight key opportunities.

Keyword Research

The different in leads between ranking #1 in Google for “Dentists in Amherst” and “Amherst Dental Offices” can be astounding.  We use real search data to find out what words people use when searching Google, then we improve your rankings for the RIGHT words!

Website SEO Updates

Our programmers adjust your website “meta data” (in the code of your site) while our SEO copywriters adjust the content on your site to improve search rankings.

Google Analytics

We use Google Analytics to track results.  You’ll see how much traffic your site gets, what keywords are driving traffic, and what else can be done to enhance your website.

SEO Adjustments

The search engines always update their ranking algorithms so it’s important to continually adjust your SEO strategy and have a content plan in place.  Learn more about our website/blogging content plans.

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