Most Effective Marketing and Sales Techniques for Small Businesses – Part I

According to an August 2012 report released by ConstantContact, in person meetings led the pack in terms of most effective marketing activities for small businesses:

Well duh–no kidding!

Ask any small business owner if they would rather try to close a sale by…

1. Having a face to face meeting with a potential client

2. Sending out a postcard and hope for response

3. Sending an email and hope the orders fly in

4. Directing people to their Facebook page

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out what the best sales approach is.  The problem is that face-to-face meetings don’t happen by chance.  In most cases face-to-face meetings are the end result of all the other marketing tools on this list.

So what does this chart really tell you?

  1. There is no magic bullet.
  2. You need a strong website presence but that alone won’t do it.
  3. You need a multi-platform marketing strategy to yield great results.
  4. When you do have a face-to-face meeting capitalize on it.

In Part II of this series we’ll dig deeper into the marketing channels that small business owners have had success with.  We’ll also share some tips on how to implement these strategies within your small business.

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