Most Small Business Websites Stink!

Many small business websites are nothing but a glorified brochure.  They have a homepage, an about us page, an overview of products and services and a contact page.  They are the online equavalent of a tri-fold brochure.

The trouble with this is that there’s no reason for someone to come back to your website—it’s self serving and doesn’t offer any value.  And it probably isn’t driving you much business right now.

So what should you do instead?

  1. Change the focus from “we”, to “you”!
    Read through your site, is it filled with facts about your company?  Do you talk about your products and your services?  If so, STOP IT!  As crazy as it sounds, your website shouldn’t be about you!  It should be about your visitors.  Change the tone of the content fr.  Talk about the value the user will get from your products or services, instead of describing the product or service.
  2. Give ‘em a reason to return.
    Encourage people to come back to your website again and again.  The best way to do this is to add new and updated content or run great specials.  Once you get them to the site the first time, you want to build a loyal visitor.
  3. Add a blog.
    A blog is the single most effective tool for driving new traffic to your website.  A blog allows to easily add new pages to your website that are optimized for search engines.  As you ad more posts, you’ll see your search engine rankings steadily climb—that means more traffic and more business.  (Want a blog? We can help…)
  4. Create strong calls to action.
    All too often I see bad, or missing, calls to action.  End each page on your site with a sentence to tell the visitor what to do next.  Make it easy to do business with you and your leads will increase.  Click on one of our services above.  You’ll see that each page has a strong call to action and a simple form to complete.  We want your business and we don’t want to make it hard for you!  Do the same thing on your website.
  5. Look at your web traffic.
    A tool like Google Analytics will allow you to gauge traffic, see where it’s coming from, see your most popular pages, and determine where people leave your site.  All this info is critical to making your site more effective.
  6. Call SilverRank
    I know this is a cheap plug but reread tip #4 above.  As Buffalo’s top marketing firm for small businesses, we can help you adjust your website to drive more traffic, and generate more business.  Contact us today.

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