Study Finds Social Media Contests Can Drive Consumer Loyalty

You could put a buy one get one free sign on just about anything and you’ll find a few willing buyers.  As it turns out, that methodology doesn’t just exist in stores, it stretches into the virtual world.

A recent study by Ipos OTX found that 70% of US respondents noted that coupons, free products and discounts from companies drive them to stay more connected on social media.  That was the leading response among the actions identified, followed by brands having contests or requests for suggestions regarding their current or new products (55%).


Takeaways for your business?

1. Think about promotions and contests that are exclusive to your social media followers.

2. Create #hashtags built around your contests to increase exposure on Twitter.

3. Consider using Facebook’s promoted posts advertising option to get your contest in front of more people and increase followers.

4. Announce contests outside of social media.  It’s a great way to reach more people and get new followers.

5. Be consistent.  One contest isn’t enough!  Think longer term to create interest and drive repeat traffic.  Your contest doesn’t have to be huge.  Think about smaller items/discounts that have value and offer those.

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