Facebook Business Status Updates That Get Attention

“Like”  “Share”  “Click”  “Watch”

If you’re goal is to get your Facebook fans to take one of these actions, you may want to pull out the thesaurus!  Turns out that most Facebook users are desensitized to these words that appear in everyone’s post.  So what should you do instead to capture attention?

1. Add a picture.

Eye studies show that updates with interesting photos capture the eye immediately and people spend much more time focused on these posts when compared to text posts.

And, don’t feel like all your pictures have to be of babies or fuzzy bunnies!  Pick an interesting photo that has some tie to your status update.

Another common misconception is that photos have to be expensive.  They don’t.

The photo to the left here is from a site called FreeDigitalPhotos.net.  Total cost: $0.00.  Even Microsoft Word and PowerPoint have decent photo libraries that are part of the software package–use them!

2. If presenting data, use a chart.

At SilverRank, we love data.  But we’ll be the first to admit that numbers and data on Facebook really aren’t that sexy.  But turn those numbers in great charts and it’s as good as a cute baby holding a puppy (well maybe not as good but you get the idea).

3. Stop being an online panhandler.

Quit begging people to “Like” or “Share”.   Instead, make your content so compelling that they feel like they have to be the first of their friends to share it!  Now this is easier said than done but think about your audience and think about what creates an emotional reaction (either positive or negative).  Consider building content that evokes an emotional response.

4. Try different wording and track data.

A recent study by sotrender.com found that the most attention grabbing words include:

  • Daily
  • Today
  • Most

So the key here is that people want something fresh and something is demand.  What can you do to give the impression that your content is fresh and in demand?

<warning cheap plug coming>

5. Contact SilverRank

Okay this is somewhat contrary to what I told you in #3 but your blog is a bit different than Facebook.  People come to your blog to learn more about you or read an interesting article so it’s more acceptable to add a specific call to action (and I strongly encourage it).

At SilverRank, we help companies create good compelling content.  From blog content that drives great search engine traffic to your site, to outstanding social media content to increase followers and encourage organic sharing, we can help.  Contact SilverRank today.


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