Social Media Increases Impulse Buys and New Product Sales

According to a September, 2012 report released by Ryan Partnership, Social Media is having a huge impact on buying behavior.

Have a new product or service to sell?
Try social media!

The report found that 36% of people surveyed who follow a brand on social media were compelled to try a new product or service they had not purchased in the past, because of the retailer’s social media posts.

Likewise, 32% of respondents reported they were motivated to try a completely new offering from the retailer.

Social media is increasing unplanned purchases.

22% of those who follow retailers through social media reported making an unplanned purchase and 15% report having spent more than they planned.

Are you leveraging social media for your business?

You probably have a Facebook page.  Maybe you have a Twitter account.  You have possibly checked out Google+.  But, are you really taking advantage of these tools to help drive name recognition and sales?  Don’t be ashamed to answer no.  Most businesses aren’t–but that presents a great opportunity.

If you’re looking for tips on how to use social media for your business, contact us today. As a top social media agency in Buffalo, SilverRank can help transform your social media sites from just basic info, to a sales generator!

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