Your Service Sucks and People Are Talking About You

We hope this headline doesn’t describe your business.  But we all know that people are more likely to complain to their friends and online when customer service is bad.  In fact, a recent survey, conducted by Dimensional Research and sponsored by ZenDesk, found that 95% of respondents who have had a bad experience said they told someone about it. And, bad experiences were more likely to be shared across each of the social circles identified.

Here are more findings (click the image for a larger view):

So what can you do to protect your online reputation?

Provide better service.
This is the obvious one, but it all starts with providing better customer service at every touch point.

Listen and act.
In order to fix a problem, you need to know about it!  Look for signs like client retention issues, internal complaining, decreased sales, etc.  And, to better follow conversations about your brand online, set up Google Alerts.  This free tool will notify you of new comments about your company.  Pay close attention to review sites like Yelp and Yahoo Reviews.  Setup Twitter alerts for your company, monitor your Facebook page, and stay in touch digitally.

Flood the negative with positive.  
At some point, you will be faced with a negative review.  Instead of hiding from it, address it.  Then make sure you flood any negative reviews with positives.  Make sure that your best clients are advocates of your services.  Ask for recommendations and reviews.  Make it part of your service process and use that information to provide even better customer experiences.

Control the message.
Marketing is such a powerful tool.  When used effectively you can control the message, encourage more positive comments, and engage your top proponents.  SilverRank can help!

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